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SONG Shanping
Assistant President
Ms. SONG Shanping was born in June 1964. She graduated from the Department of Geography at Beijing Normal University in 1986, and became a teacher in the Department of Agricultural Economics of Ningxia Agricultural College. In 1992 she was transferred to work for the magazine Township Forum in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, successively serving as Director of the Editorial Board and Director of the Circulation Department. In April 2002, she was appointed as Director of the Editorial Board of China Social Press, and in September 2003 she became the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Social Press. In January 2011, she held the positions of Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of China Social News Press, as well as President and Editor-in-Chief of Township Forum. In July 2015, she became the Party Secretary, President and Editor-in Chief of Township Forum. In June 2017, she was appointed as Assistant President of Sun Yat-sen University.