(E-mail: issai@mail.sysu.edu.cn)
Department of Computer Science
Sun Yat-sen University

Education & Work History
2012                     The Pearl River Scholar (Distinguished Professor)
2011                     Winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar
2008 – present   Associate Dean, School of Information Science & Technology, Sun Yat-sen University
2004 – present   Lecturer / Associate Professor /Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
2002                     Ph.D., City University of Hong Kong

Professional Activities
Director, Key lab of Machine Intelligence and Sensor Network (Sun Yat-sen University), Ministry of Education
Director, Key Laboratory of Software Technology, Education Department of Guangdong Province
IEEE Senior Member
Founding Chair, IEEE Guangzhou Subsection
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions of Industrial Electronics
Associate Editor, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine

Teaching & Research Interests
Computational Intelligence
Machine Learning & Data Mining
Cloud Computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Power Electronics

Awards & Honors
2011 Gold Prize of National Exhibition of Invention
2009 1st Prize of Natural Science Award, Ministry of Education, China

Publications & Patents
Dr. Zhang has published over 100 papers on international journals and conferences, including 25 IEEE Transactions papers and 1 'Essential Science Indicators’ (ESI) highly cited paper. Besides, he has authored/translated 4 books and held 4 patents.