QU Lianghu
QU Lianghu, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Biotechnology Research Center
School of Life Sciences
Guangzhou 510275
Phone: +86-20-84112399 | Fax: +86-20-84112399 | email: lssqlh@mail.sysu.edu.cn

Dr. QU Lianghu, Scientist in RNA science and technology, was born in Hunan province, China in August 1953. He graduated from Wuhan University in 1982 and obtained his Ph.D. degree (Docteur d’Etat) from Paul-Sabatier University, Toulouse, France in 1986, and continued working as a postdoctoral fellow at Centre de Biochimie et Genetiques Cellulaires (CNRS, France) for one year. Since then, he returned to China and appointed as professor at Biotechnology Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University in 1989. He served as a visiting professor and researcher at the Paul-sabatier University and Laboratoire de Biologie Moleculaire Eukaryote (CNRS, France) in the years 1989, 1991 and 1993.

Prof. Qu received “Distinguished Yang Scholar” from the National Natural Science Foundation in 1995, he was honored “the Cheung Kong Scholar”, by the Ministry of Education of China, in 1999. He currently is the director of Biotechnology Research Center, Sun Yat-sen University and vice director of academic committee for State key laboratory of molecular biology. He is also a member of editorial boards for Cancer Letter, PLOS ONE and SCIENCE CHINA.

Prof. Qu has been engaged in the teaching and research on RNA science and Biotechnology. He successfully initiated a rapid and systematical method for large rRNA sequencing and structure probing, which has provided a powerful tool for rRNA-based molecular systematics. He used complete mitochondrial genomes to address the questions related to systematics and biogeography of living amphibians, and proposed an "Out of North China” hypothesis for hynobiid origin. In the recent decades, he has developed a series of advanced RNomics platforms for non-coding RNA study and made important progresses in RNA biology and RNA medicine, especially in decoding Ribonet for cell function and fate determination.

Over years, Prof. Qu has completed and conducted about 20 research projects, including two 973 projects and four key projects from National Natural Science Foundation. He has published more than 100 articles in international leading journals. As a leader of the RNA researches, he has been honored the 1st prize of National Science & Technology Progress Award from State Commission of Education in 1989, the 1st prize of Natural Science Award from Guandong province in 2005, and the 2nd prize of the National Natural science Award in 2007.