SHI Suhua
SHI Suhua, Ph.D.
School of Life Sciences
State Key Laboratory of Biocontrol

Office: He Dan Qing Hall 302 l Phone: +86 20 8411 3677 l Fax: +86 20 3402 2356 l Email: l
Subject: Adaptive evolution, evolutionary and ecological genomics, speciation, population genetics, phylogeography, molecular phylogeny

Research Interests
Biological adaptation, or the seemingly perfect fit between living organisms and their environments, is a most fascinating phenomenon in nature. This wonderment was the puzzle that motivated Charles Darwin. The research in our group focuses on the adaptive evolution and population history of species living in special and marginal environments. Our aim is to understand the mechanisms and the processes by which the population genetic and genomic patterns are produced in such challenging environments. By using modern technology and methods of genomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics, we collect and assess large-scale data and hope to understand the adaptive evolution and speciation in three groups of plants:
1) mangroves--- the woody plants growing in the vicissitude of the intertidal zones in the tropics and subtropics; they are singularly exposed to the changes in the sea level.
2) invasive species--- these are species that flourish when moved from one environment to another. Instead of withering, they prosper, causing mayhem in the land of invasion. Mikania micrantha, originated in the Americas, is the worst case of invasion in southern China.
3) rice --- this is the best example of domestication, a special form of selection.

Winners of National Science Funds for Outstanding Young Scholars, Ministry of Science and Technology. 1999.
The Outstanding Young Scholar Award by Qiu Shi Science and Technologies Foundation. (Hong Kong) 2001.
1st Prize of Ministry Nature and Science Awards, Ministry of Education, China. 2002, 2008 (twice)
2nd Prize of National Nature and Science Awards, National Office for Science and Technology Awards, 2011.

Recent Publications
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