GUO Xianping
GUO Xianping teaches in the field of probability, statistics, and operations research. His research interests include Markov decision processes, Markov processes, stochastic optimality, and stochastic games. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Hunan Normal University, China, in 1987 and 1990, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree in 1996 from the Railway Campus of Central South University, China.

Dr. Guo worked as a postdoctoral researcher from Sep. 1996 to Aug. 1998 in Sun Yat-sen University, China. From September 1998 to May 1999, Dr. Guo visited the University of Queensland and the University of South Australia, Australia. Dr. Guo held a position of a visiting professor in CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico from Aug. 2000 to Jul. 2002. As a visiting scholar, Dr. Guo worked for more than three years in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and one year in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Also, Dr. Guo visited the Wayne State University, USA, the Liverpool University, UK, and so on.

Dr. Guo has published more than 50 papers in international journals such as Ann. Appl. Probab., SIAM J. Optim., SIAM J. Control Optim., IEEE Trans. Automat. Control, Adv. in Appl. Probab., Bernoulli, J. Appl. Probab., J. Theory Probab., IFAC Automatica, Math. Oper. Res., J. Optim. Theory Appl., European J. Oper. Res., Systems Control Lett., etc. Dr. Guo is an author of the books titled Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes (with Professor Onesimo Hernandez-Lerma) and Markov Decision Processes (with Professor Zhenting Hou), published in 2009 in Springer-Verlag and in 1998 in Hunan Press of Science and Technology, China, respectively.

From 2002 to the present, Dr. Guo is a full Professor with the Zhongshan University (known as Sun Yat-sen University), China, where Dr. Guo was enrolled in the Excellent Young Teachers Program of the Ministry of Education of China (MEC) in 2003 and the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of MEC in 2004, appointed as a Peal River Scholar of Guangdong Province in 2010, and obtained the China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists in 2009. Dr. Guo was the recipient of the Best Paper Award in WCICA’08, and is on a number of journal editorial boards, serving as an editor for Advances in Applied Probability, Journal of Applied Probability, Acta Math. Appl. Sinica (Chin. Ser.), and OR Transactions.

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