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(Oct. 14) Seminar in Physics and Engineering

Last updated :2013-10-12

Title: Scaling at phase transitions approached through non-equilibrium dynamics
Speaker: Prof. Anders Sandvik
(Boston University, APS Fellow)
Chair: Prof. YAO Daoxin (SYSU)
Time: 10:00AM, Monday, October 14, 2013
Venue: Room 117, Xianweijian Hall, School of Physics and Engineering, South Campus, SYSU


I will discuss Monte Carlo simulations demonstrating generic scaling aspects of classical phase transitions approached through a quench (or annealing) protocol where the temperature changes as a function of time with velocity v[1]. A generalized Kibble-Zurek ansatz can describe the behavior for different types of stochastic dynamics (Metropolis, Swendsen-Wang, and Wolff) in Ising models in two and higher dimensions for all velocities. For Metropolis and Swendsen-Wang dynamics the cross-over between the slow and fast regimes is smooth and corresponds to a universal power-law scaling, while in the Wolff algorithm the slow and fast scaling behaviors break down in a singular way. I will also discuss potential advantages of non-equilibrium Monte Carlo simulations in studies of spin glasses.

[1] C.-W. Liu, A. Polkovnikov, and A. W. Sandvik (work in progress).

Brief Introduction of Speaker:

Prof. Anders Sandvik is working at Boston University and is a guest professor at SYSU. He is an APS Fellow (less than 0.5%). He received his B.S. from Abo Akademi University in Finland (1989), and Ph. D. from University of California at Santa Barbara (1993). Then he worked at Florida State University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, LANL, Abo Akademi University, etc. He has been working at Boston University since 2004. Prof. Sandvik is working on strongly correlated quantum many-particle systems, numerical simulation methods in quantum and classical statistical physics, etc. He will chair the XXVI IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics (ccp2014.bu.edu) in August, 2014.