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(Nov. 14) School of Foreign Languages Lecture

Last updated :2013-11-04

Topic: Intercultural communication and language teaching
Speaker: Professor Don Snow
, Shantou University
Time: 8:00–9:30, Thursday, November 14, 2013
Venue: Room 315, School of Foreign Languages Building, South Campus, SYSU

Brief Introduction of the Speaker:

Professor Don Snow has a BA in History from the College of Wooster, a MA in English (TESOL) from Michigan State University, and a PhD in East Asian Language and Culture from Indiana University. He has taught courses in language, culture, and linguistics for over two decades in universities such as Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and has also played administrative roles with institutions such as the College of Wooster and the Amity Foundation. Currently he has served as Executive Director of Shantou University’s English Language Centre.

Professor Snow has published journal articles on topics ranging from self-directed language learning to diglossia to written forms of Chinese vernaculars. His books include More Than a Native Speaker: An Introduction for Volunteers Teaching English Abroa (TESOL Publications, revised edition), Encounters with Westerners: Improving Skills in English and Intercultural Communication (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 2004), From Language Learner to Language Teacher (TESOL Publications, 2007), and Cantonese as Written Language: The Growth of a Written Chinese Vernacular (Hong Kong University Press, 2004).