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(Jul. 23) Carbon Dioxide as a Source of Renewable Carbon in Organic Synthesis

Last updated :2017-07-17

Topic: Carbon Dioxide as a Source of Renewable Carbon in Organic Synthesis
Speaker: Professor Arjan W. Kleij
Moderator: Professor JI Hongbing
Time: 10:30-11:30 am, Sunday, July 23, 2017
Venue: A402, Fulan Academic Center, Fong Shing Hall, Guangzhou South Campus, SYSU

About the speaker:
Arjan W. Kleij was born in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) in 1971.

He received his MSc (honors, 1996) and PhD (cum laude, 2000) in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht working in the group of Prof. Gerard van Koten on the application of dendrimer- and hyperbranched polymer-supported homogeneous catalyst structures.

In his PhD period, he spent a short internship at the Universität Freiburg (Prof. Holger Frey). In 2000, he moved to industry expanding his research experience and worked for more than 3 years at Avantium as a project leader in its pharmaceutical branch (biopolymer synthesis), and at a later stage of his career (2005) at Hexion Specialty Chemicals as a research scientist in the Epoxy & Phenolic Resins Division (EPRD) focusing on process optimization of chemical intermediates for coating applications.

He joined the group of Prof. Javier de Mendoza (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain) as a postdoctoral fellow in 2002, and continued postdoctoral work with Prof. Joost Reek and Prof. Piet van Leeuwen at the University of Amsterdam (2003-2005, The Netherlands) in the field of supramolecular chemistry & catalysis.

He received a TALENT fellowship from NWO (The Netherlands) in 2000, and in October 2006 he was offered a position as Group Leader at ICIQ and joined ICREA as a junior fellow, where he was promoted to ICREA professor in 2011.

Arjan has (co)authored >150 international journal publications and 2 patent applications with total citations around 6000. His current h-index ranks around 44 (average citation score = 36). He is an advisory board member for Current Organic Chemistry (since 2014) and ChemSusChem (since 2016), member of the editorial board for the Journal of CO2 Utilization (since 2017), and Molecules (since 2017). He was invited guest-editor for Catalysis Science & Technology in 2014 and ChemSusChem in 2017 arranging special issues on CO2 catalysis. In 2016 he chaired the first Carbon Dioxide Conversion Catalysis (CDCC-1) conference in Albufeira (Portugal). His main research interests are in the area of CO2 conversion, development of new reactivity using organic carbonates as modular scaffolds and the use of renewable compounds and monomers in stereo-selective transformations and polymer applications.