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2016 SYSU International Summer Program Completed

Last updated :2016-08-27

Source: Lingnan College
Written by: Lingnan College
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The 7th SYSU International Summer Program was successfully held from July 18 to August 5, 2016. The summer program, hosted by Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) and organized by Lingnan College, attracted about 70 international students from all over the world. The activities in the three-week summer program included courses and keynote lectures on Chinese economy, culture, business, history and the Chinese Language, interspersed with various cultural activities and local company visits. The program provided a valuable platform for international students to develop a better understanding of China, especially the economic development and cultural connotations in the Pearl River Delta area.

Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Zhang Yanmei, Associate Dean of Lingnan College, introduced Guangzhou, SYSU and Lingnan College to the international students and conveyed the university motto “Study Extensively, Enquire Accurately, Reflect Carefully, Discriminate Clearly, Practice Earnestly” to every participant in her welcoming speech.

After the opening ceremony, the international participants toured around the campus, enjoying the quaint Lingnan-style architecture and unique scenery.

At the ice-breaking party, the participants became familiar with each other through a series of activities including “Know Your Neighbor’s Name”game and creative group introductory presentation.

Group photo after the opening ceremony

Ice-breaking games
Summer Courses

According to the different Chinese levels and majors of the participants, the summer courses were divided into four sections–Chinese Language, China Business Study, Chinese Politics and Cultural Study, Monographic Study on Guangdong/Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan. Key lectures included “Innovation in China”, “The Pan-Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Economy”, “Investment in China”, “Study on Division and Cooperation of the Service Industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao”, “Ethnic Problems in Taiwan: Starting with Two Taiwan Movies”, etc.

In order to incorporate Chinese elements into the courses and let international participants experience the glamour of Chinese culture, some practical courses like paper-cutting, Chinese calligraphy, Taiji, and Tea Culture were added into the program.

Attending lecture

Company Visit

On July 21, the participants paid a visit to Hutchison Whampoa Guangzhou Baiyunshan Chinese Medicine Company Limited (HWBYS) to appreciate the good integration of Chinese traditional medicine and modern industry. The participants experienced the glamour of Chinese traditional medicine at the company herb garden and museum, and had a taste of herbal tea.

On July 27, the participants paid a visit to Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co. Ltd. The participants learned about the evolution of Chinese cosmetics from Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties to the contemporary era through the unearthed relics and pictures displayed at the Guangdong Uniasia Beauty & Cosmetics Museum. Besides, the participants got a full understanding of the corporate profile from the corporate history, the production flow, and the product interpretation.

Visiting Uniasia Cosmetics
Cultural Visit

The participants took part in two cultural tours during the spare time among intense academic schedule. Exposed to the real Lingnan culture, the participants experienced the characters and glory of Guangzhou and its adjacent cities in the two cultural visits.

On the first weekend, the participants visited Chen Clan’s Academy, Yuexiu Park, Zhenhai Tower (Guangzhou Museum), Beijing Road Shopping District in Guangzhou. Through the visit, the participants learned about the history of this “Millennial Commercial Hub”. On the second weekend, the international participants went on a two-day cultural visit in Foshan and Shunde, in which they experienced the simplicity and tranquility of the waterside cities, the development of urbanization, and furthered their understanding of Lingnan culture.

In front of the Five Rams Sculpture
Closing Ceremony

On August 5, the closing ceremony of 2016 SYSU International Summer Program was held in Swasey Hall. Participants Joseph (Lai Guanwu) from Chinese Taiwan, Patrick Gentry from the United States, as well as the “buddy” representative Vivian (Zhang Yuwei) from Lingnan College shared their thoughts on the stage. Ms. Liang Geng, Associate Director of International Relations Office of Lingnan College, presented certificates of completion to international students and 20 “buddies” from different schools of SYSU.

Show my certificate!
The farewell party was held at Ted Sioeng Student Activity Center on the night of August 5. “Buddies” and international participants showed their talents in singing, dancing and playing instruments. The farewell party marked a perfect finale to 2016 SYSU International Summer Program.

Singing an adapted SYSU version of “Nanshannan”
In the short three weeks, the participants from different countries and regions enriched their knowledge through the colorful and enlightening interactive courses, and experienced Lingnan culture in the visits; SYSU “Buddies” developed their organizing and teamwork abilities in arranging outdoor activities and course schedule, and broadened their horizons in intercultural communication as well. Among the international participants and SYSU “Buddies”, strong and valuable friendship was built and enhanced. The SYSU International Summer Program left every participant a unique and unforgettable memory this summer.

Grateful for having you here this summer