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SYSU Students Perform Well at Enactus World Cup 2016

Last updated :2016-10-14

Source: SYSU Youth Association
Written by: SYSU Youth Association
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On September 28-30, 2016, 33 national champion teams representing their countries gathered in Toronto, Canada. They brought their excellent project presentations to the global stage and competed for the title of global champion of the Enactus World Cup 2016. Representing China, Enactus Sun Yat-sen University advanced to the semi-final as the top of group and finished one of the top 16 in the World Cup.

The Enactus Sun Yat-sen University team consists of ten students including Chen Peilin from Lingnan College, He Qianning from School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhen Xiaopeng from Zhongshan School of Medicine, Feng Jing from School of International Studies, Chen Xiangnian from School of Government, Xia Jiawei, Cai Wei and Jiang Yonghao from School of Chemistry, and Zhan Mingxin from School of Life Sciences. They perfectly presented the outstanding project named “Neverland” to the world. Having received unanimous recognition from all the judges, they successfully advanced to the semi-final round as the top of group. Their wonderful performance showed SYSU students’ spirit and character.

On Dajiasha island, mountains of banana leaves were left to pile in the field and the traditional way of disposing them led to severe environmental problems and posed a threat to the local banana planting industry. In the Neverland project, SYSU students set up a cooperative and empowered the villagers with Cultifive, a banana leaf-based mushroom planting technique. This technique not only effectively disposed of the banana leaves and cleaned up the local environment, but also turned the banana leaves waste into raw material for mushroom planting. They encouraged the villagers to use the leaves to plant mushrooms, which successfully increased their income and improved their livelihood.

Enactus Sun Yat-sen University was founded in 2003. It won the National Enactus Competition with the project of “Golden Pond” in 2011 and represented China in Enactus World Cup held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The team focuses on improving people’s livelihood through entrepreneurial action, which is exactly the goal of Enactus. This April, in the National Competition for Enactus World Cup 2016, Enactus Sun Yat-sen University beat out other 92 teams from all over the country and distinguished as the national champion.