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Graduate student from SYSU’s Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai) conducting international academic communication

Last updated :2017-04-11

Source: Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai)
Written by: Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai)
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On February 24th, 2017, graduate student Wang Manren from the Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai) of Sun Yat-sen University participated in the 9th International Conference on Agent and Artificial Intelligence in Portugal and made a presentation on her article “Paraconsistent Logic with Multiple Fuzzy Linguistic Truth Value”.

This paper extends the two-valued paraconsistent logic into a one in which a proposition takes a truth-value from a set of multiple fuzzy linguistic terms. More specifically, the paper proposes the corresponding inference rule and semantics, proves the soundness of the new fuzzy logical system and its completeness, and uses an example to illustrate the applicability of the logic system in dealing with the conflict in the AI expert system. With in-depth study of artificial intelligence and expert systems, the computer must process information as much as possible in order to meet people's needs. However, the expanding of the knowledge base will inevitably face the problem of inconsistency. In this paper, the author constructs a fuzzy paraconsistent logic and apply it to fuzzy control system, which provides a possible solution for the inconsistent problem in expert systems.

Graduate student Wang Manren making a presentation

The conference is organized by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INTICC), and its purpose is to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in the areas of Agents and Artificial Intelligence. Two simultaneous related tracks were held, covering both applications and current research work. One track focuses on Agents, Multi-Agent Systems and Software Platforms, Distributed Problem Solving and Distributed AI in general. The other track focuses mainly on Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Planning, Learning, Scheduling, Perception Reactive AI Systems, Evolutionary Computing and other topics related to Intelligent Systems and Computational Intelligence.

Wang Manren is one of the first six outstanding graduate students in the department, and she is also the first student to go abroad on behalf of the Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai) in Sun Yat-sen University. The department vigorously encourages teachers and students to participate in international academic conferences. Supported by this policy, there will be more teachers and students to go abroad to participate in international academic exchanges and enhance the department’s international influence.