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SYSU Graduate Student Xu Xudong Wins First Prize in the All China Interpreting Contest National Final

Last updated :2017-06-21

Source: School of International Studies
Written by: School of International Studies
Translated by: Duan Jingjing
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On June 17-18, 2017, the 6th All China Interpreting Contest (English) National Final was held in Beijing Normal University. 54 college students from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan competed in the Consecutive Interpreting Final, 24 contestants participated in the Simultaneous Interpreting Invitational. Xu Xudong, a first year postgraduate student of Interpreting in the School of International Studies at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU), won the first prize of Simultaneous Interpreting and second prize of Consecutive Interpreting with his outstanding performance. 

Xu Xudong (second from right) at the award ceremony

In the first round of the Consecutive Interpreting Final (English to Chinese), Xu Xudong ranked the fourth for his complete convey of the information and accurate logic, then successfully progressed to the second round (Chinese to English). He maintained his good performance and finally won the second prize of Consecutive Interpreting. In the Simultaneous Interpreting Invitational, although the speech speed was fast and the material was long, he performed excellently with precise word selection, fluent expression and professional attainment. He won the approval of the judges and received the first prize of Simultaneous Interpreting.

After the contest, Xu Xudong said: “It’s a great learning opportunity to participate in this contest in Beijing, and I do learn a lot from other participants. This achievement is hard-won, and I sincerely thank the School of International Studies for its guidance and cultivation.”

Xu Xudong won the grand prize of Guangdong provincial competition and the second prize of South China regional competition in the All China Interpreting Contest, thus obtaining the qualification for the National Final. He also won the third prize in the Spanish Consecutive Interpreting Contest during the 9th Multilingual National Interpreting Contest with his proficiency in Spanish, which is his second foreign language, and this honor highlights the “dual foreign languages” teaching feature of the School of International Studies. For a long time, the School of International Studies has been dedicated to nurturing application-oriented talents of dual foreign languages, focusing on wide-caliber, interdisciplinary, and integrated knowledge structures in the Liberal Arts, optimizing the dual foreign languages teaching, and laying a solid foundation for cultivating a new generation of foreign language talents who have both a global vision and a Chinese perspective.

The All China Interpreting Contest (ACIC) is a competition sponsored by the Translators Association of China, where college students from all over China can show their ability of interpreting. It is aimed to promote the construction of translation discipline and the development of language service industry, meet the increasing domestic demand for foreign communication, cultivate high-quality language service talents, and provide a solid talent pool for the translation and interpreting industry.