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Lingnan College holds 2016 Spring Job Fair

Last updated :2016-03-29

Source: Lingnan College
Written by: Lingnan College
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

As graduation approaches, the students are entering into the crucial process of looking for a job. In order to assist this year’s graduates, Lingnan College at Sun Yat-sen University held the 2016 Spring Job Fair in the entrance hall of the Lingnan MBA building on South Campus on the afternoon of March 4, 2016.

Lingnan College holds 2016 Spring Job Fair. 

The 32 companies in the job fair are all leading enterprises in their industries, including China Southern Fund Management, Boldwin Fund Management, E Fund Management, China Merchants Bank, China Investment Securities, Wanlian Securities, China Guangfa Bank, and Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank in financial service industry; KPMG Consulting, Towers Watson in consulting industry; Guangdong Holdings Limited, Guangdong Highsun, Vipshop, and Bingsheng Restaurant Group in the real estate industry.

The businesses in the job fair not only included a variety of industries, but also offered diversified positions in order to increase choices for students from different programs, including managerial positions oriented to MBA students with working experience, and management trainee positions aimed at the new undergraduate and masters students.

Students expressed that the job fair provided a good platform to communicate with companies. They explained that it not only gave them the opportunity to have face-to-face contact with the companies and positions they were interested in, but also increased their understanding of relevant workplace requirements. Similarly, the recruitment directors of these enterprises also showed satisfaction at the remarkable and professional performance of the graduates in Lingnan College. They hope that these excellent students could one day become the main force of pushing their companies forward.

Some companies at the job fair were invited to give some advice to students on how to interview for jobs and choose the best career path. The representatives of the enterprises pointed out that students should learn how to define themselves more clearly so that they could show more determination in the direction they want to build their future careers.

This was an excellent Spring Job Fair, and the Career Development Center looks forward to offering continuous employment support for this year’s graduates.