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SYSU holds spring grass concerts on four campuses

Last updated :2016-04-05

On the afternoon of March 27, 2016, the spring grass concerts, organized by SYSU Youth Association, were held on four campuses of Sun Yat-sen University.
On Guangzhou South Campus, the students offered a feast of music, including “The Spring Ballet”, “My Cookie Can”, “Spring Gallop to the Outskirts”, “In the Spring”, etc . On Guangzhou North Campus, the Orchestra performed “One Step Away”, and the Chinese Folk Orchestra performed “Fighting Against Typhoon”. On Guangzhou East Campus, the modern band GroovyLIVE played “Joy Spring”, “Lemon Tree”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “Sunny”, “Little Sunflower”, etc. On Zhuhai Campus, the Bayan Band brought “Paso Doble”, “The Birch Wood”, “ Libertango”, “The Hawthorn Tree” and “Katyusha” to the students.

Students singing on Guangzhou South Campus 

Orchestra performance on Guangzhou North Campus

Performance by GroovyLIVE on Guangzhou East Campus

Bayan performance on Zhuhai Campus