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Increasing the Sense of Ownership and Enhancing the Passion for Active Work

SYSU Holds Zhuhai Campus Work Conference

Last updated :2016-04-25

Source: SYSU News Center
Written by: SYSU News Center
Proofread by: Ian Heuer
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On the morning of April 16, 2016, the Zhuhai Campus Work Conference was held on the Zhuhai Campus of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). Prof. Luo Jun, President of SYSU, delivered a speech entitled “Increasing the sense of ownership and enhancing the passion for active work”.

President Luo Jun delivering a speech
President Luo Jun pointed out that since its establishment in 2000, SYSU Zhuhai Campus has met the needs of national major strategic development of the moment, and made contributions to the development of higher education in China and Zhuhai City. Now, Zhuhai Campus is faced with three historical development opportunities, i.e., the South China Sea, marine science, and space science development strategies as well as the “Belt and Road” initiative; Guangdong’s innovation driven development strategy, and Zhuhai’s modern industrial system strategy; and SYSU’s strategic goal of developing into a world-class university. Against this background, Zhuhai Campus has become one of the focal points of the University’s development plans for the next five years. This January, the University announced the “Framework for Development of SYSU Zhuhai Campus” and set the development goal of Zhuhai Campus as follows: by implementing SYSU’s proven philosophy of institutional management, and through ten to twenty years of construction, we shall develop a comprehensive disciplinary profile and talent training apparatus on Zhuhai Campus, where all disciplines develop distinctively yet systematically building on SYSU’s disciplinary strengths, thereby fostering the development of Zhuhai Campus into a modern coastal campus with first-tier national ranking and wide-ranging global impact.

President Luo Jun explained the main tasks of SYSU Zhuhai Campus construction in the next five years:

Establishing a comprehensive and high-level disciplinary system which includes the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, and medical sciences. All based in Zhuhai, the schools and departments on Zhuhai Campus will develop their disciplinary structure with a focus on serving the national development strategies of the South China Sea, marine sciences, space sciences, and the “Belt and Road” initiative; achieve coordinated development with similar schools and departments on SYSU’s Guangzhou Campuses, and support the development of basic first-level disciplines.

Developing a high-level talent training program. SYSU students should have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager serve their country. All schools and departments on Zhuhai Campus will establish graduate- and undergraduate-level training systems; gradually increase student enrollment on Zhuhai Campus while maintaining the University’s current overall student enrollment scale.

Implementing a high-level talent development scheme, enhancing our efforts in the introduction of top-level personnel and research teams, exemplified by members of the Chinese Academies of Science and Engineering. We will recruit the required academic elites from both China and abroad to improve the educational level on Zhuhai Campus.
Implementing the plan for major scientific research platforms. Centering around national strategies, and integrating the industrial developmental demands of the Pearl River Delta region with the University’s overall developmental goal, several major national scientific research platforms including the Tianqin plan and marine national laboratory will be constructed on Zhuhai Campus to support the development of marine, new energy, biomedicine, food safety, nuclear engineering and technology and other industries. In line with the “Belt and Road” initiative, build platforms in the fields of language, culture and international relations, and provide consultative advice for national decision making.

Promoting management system reform, implementing SYSU’s multi-campus management model with the "extended management" concept at its core, enabling the faculty and students on Zhuhai Campus to enjoy undifferentiated management services.

Building teaching, research and living facilities on Zhuhai Campus according to the “Three Consistences” (in consistence with SYSU’s traditional culture, natural campus scenery, and scientific disciplinary structure) and the basic principle of “harmonious but different with unity in both form and spirit”.

President Luo Jun emphasized the significance of this Zhuhai Campus Work Conference, and called on the whole SYSU community to seize the opportunities, increase their sense of ownership, service awareness, crisis awareness and competition awareness, bear in mind our responsibilities and missions, take active actions and implement the Zhuhai Campus planning. He also clarified the specific tasks for the newly established schools and departments on Zhuhai Campus and relevant functional units in the University.

Prof. Chen Chunsheng, Secretary of SYSU Party Committee, made concluding remarks. He put forward three requirements. First, strengthen publicity work on the future planning of Zhuhai Campus as well as the student enrollment and talent introduction for Zhuhai Campus. Second, carry out inspection work to supervise the implementation of various tasks according to their time tables and road maps. Third, have confidence in the University’s rapid development, especially Zhuhai Campus’ development.

All university leadership, assistant presidents, directors of administrative units, as well as leaders of the schools and departments on Zhuhai Campus, attended the work conference.