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SYSU high-level women’s volleyball team won the second place in 2018-2019 CUVA

Last updated :2019-05-31

Source: Department of Physical Education
Written by: Department of Physical Education
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On May 20, the grand final of 2018-2019 CUVA (Women’s Group) came to an end at Beijing Sport University. The high-level women’s volleyball team of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) won the second place. Led by head coach Li Tieming, assistant coach Xiao Hongying and assistant coach Song Wenliang, SYSU high-level women’s volleyball team has achieved the best result in national competition.

From regional contests to top 24 contests, 45 high-level women’s volleyball teams from universities nationwide participated in the competition during the past six months. SYSU team has forged ahead through 17 matches, and finally earned a runner-up position. The volleyball team of Beijing Sport University won the first place for the fourth consecutive time.

The first round of the grand final: Sun Yat-sen University (white) vs Beijing Sport University (red)
This outstanding achievement of SYSU team is inseparable from their rigorous training day in and day out. The university attaches great importance to physical education. The university invited former coach of the national women’s volleyball team Li Tieming at the end of 2015, and reorganized the high-level women’s volleyball team in 2016. The team’s ranking in national university students volleyball contests has gone up quickly: 8th in 2016-2017 CUVA (Group B), 5th in 2017-2018 CUVA (Group A), and a historic breakthrough in this season.