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Plan or be planed

Last updated :2009-06-01

Guangzhou, June 1, 2009 (Guangzhou Daily) - Recently, the opening ceremony of the Second MBA Career Plan Contest of School of Business, Sun Yat-sen University was held in the Shansi Hall. Career consulting teachers of higher education, directors of human resource department of famous enterprises shared with students their notions of MBA career plan.

A career plan should not be a lip promise

"One student told me that he doesn’t know what he wants in life. The only thing he enjoys doing is to spend over 10 hours playing video games. One night he determined that he would not allow himself to spend more than half an hour per day in video games. But once he laid his hands on, there was no stop.” Professor Wang’s humorous remarks raised gusts of laughter from the audience . He said that career plan shouldn’t just be a verbal promise; it should be put into action.

Professor Wang Yongli also believed that everyone should set a goal he or she can strive for based on his or her practical competence and specialty rather than studying aimlessly. An MBA degree would get you no where if you don’t have a sense of direction.

The directors of human resource department: Changes in the hiring standard

"Under the circumstance of financial crisis, changes also occur in enterprises’ hiring policy. Enterprises used to put emphasis on skills and educational background but now they put emphasis on the core competence of the candidate . Namely, ability in establishing core competitiveness of the enterprises.” Zhuang Canming, the director of human resource department of Heung Kong Group Limited believed that the company’s requirements of specialized skill would only be intensified; especially the new demands on candidate’s moral character, value and superior stress management.

Avoid those on the blacklist

"Every consultant has a red list and a blacklist on hand. See if you can find yourself.” said Fan Jieying, the career consultant for the Career International Human Resource Group Limited.

The items on her red list are as follows: first, high EQ; second, rich experience in management; third, specialized skills; fourth, excellent communication skills ; and fifth, good education and training.

The blacklist is: first, lack of professional morality and honesty; second, low EQ; third, frequent job changes; fourth, lack of career continuity. They would gladly recommend persons on the red list. As for individuals on the blacklist, they would try to avoid.