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Modern Drama “ Shi Ji Feng Liu” Stags at SYSU

Last updated :2009-10-19

On the evenings of October 12 and October 13, set by the Experimental Company of the Modern Troupe of Guangdong province, “Shi Ji Feng Liu” the modern drama was staged in Liang Qiuju Hall of south campus. Liang Qinyi, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Party Committee of SYSU, Li Mengfeng, the Vice-President of SYSU, directors from various schools, and approximately one thousand of student representatives spectated the performance.

"Shi Ji Feng Liu” is a stock show for PRC’s 60th anniversary and won the title of an outstanding dramatic show on the 1oth Art Festival of Guangdong Province. The story is about a group of university students who were sent to the coastal special zone and dedicated themselves to the exploitation of the west in the 90’s. The show projected to the audience the enthusiastic and vigorous mental outlook of the students over twenty years of struggle.

The event is part of “High Art into Campus” series orchestrated by the SYSU Youth Association whose most recent works included "The Orchestral Performance of Swedish Royal Academy of Music”, “The Joint Performance of Classic Modern Dramas of Guangzhou Ballet” and so on. The SYSU Youth Association anticipates bringing more high art to the campus.

Translated by Zhang Weiwei