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Dr. Kai-Fu Le Gives Speech on “Innovation and future” at East Campus

Last updated :2009-10-22

On the afternoon of Oct.20, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the former vice President of Google Inc. & President of Google China as well as Chairman & CEO of the Innovation Works, visited the Eastern campus and talked pleasantly on “Innovation and future”. The lecture was presided over by Huang Jiwu, dean of School of Information Science and Technology.

During the lecture, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee talked freely about the current situation and future development trends of Information Technology with detailed data and he held that China has capacity to establish an all-round platform of entrepreneurship in fields of Internet, Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing, etc. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee also indicated that, among various determining factors for successful business undertaking, “team work, experience and executive force” weigh much more than creativity. He encouraged university students to learn how to take the rola of a participant rather than a leader during the initial stage of career carving.

During the interactive communication, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee exchanged ideas with the students on issues regarding innovative ability fostering, chance taking and business platform constructing.

The lecture was sponsored by the School of Information Science and Technology and organized by the school’s Students’ Career Development Centre.