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Imagination Forum for SYSU Mascot Design Contest Held in SYSU

Last updated :2009-11-12

With the theme of “SYSU Image”, the Imagination Forum for SYSU Mascot Design Contest was held in Huai Shi Hall on SYSU’s south campus on the evening of Nov.5. The purpose of the forum is to exchange ideas of SYSU mascot design and prompt SYSU students to reflect on the embodiment of SYSU culture. More than 200 people were present in the event, including Vice President Chen Chunsheng, representative alumni, presiding staff of some administration offices, and representative academic staff and students.

Venue of the Forum

Vice President Chen Chunsheng delivers a speech.
2009 marks the 85th anniversary of SYSU founded by Mr. Sun Yat-sen. For the better carrying out of the 85th anniversary activities, President's Office, Publicity Department of the SYSU Committee of the CPC, SYSU Youth Association, and SYSU Alumni Association jointly organized the "SYSU Mascot and 85th SYSU Anniversary Souvenir Design Contest” with the focus on/theme of “Inheriting College Culture and Crystallizing SYSU Spirit”, which invited designs from SYSU academic staff and students, alumni at home and abroad, and people from all walks of society. The contest aimed to comprehensively display the history and culture of the University in a visual form, and create a festive atmosphere for the anniversary, and draw attention to the building and development of the University.

Nearly 100 designs have been submitted since the start of the contest, of which, 54 are mascot designs. Top 10 designs were shortlisted by the design review panel members. During the forum, Prof. Liu Zhiwei, Prof. Cheng Huanwen, and representative alumnus Yang Fan shared their own "SYSU Images”, and talked about their views on the shortlisted designs. The designers of the top 10 designs shared their design philosophies with the audience. Among the designs are “Ru Zi Niu”(hard-working and dedicated ox), “Shu Bo Shi”(Dr. Tree) that represents old and shady trees, and “Zhu Er” and “Shan Zai” that originates from the lyrics of the University Anthem. The designers include SYSU students, alumni and teachers from other universities. The forum stroke a deep resonance in the audience, who expressed their views on the mascot designs from the perspectives of the University’s natural environment, human geography, history and culture.

At the end of the forum, Vice President Chen Chunsheng made comments on the designs, and noted that, the final design as SYSU mascot would be selected at the discretion of the University academic staff and students. The University will upload the 54 designs on the web, and welcome all the University staff and students to vote for the design they would like to choose as SYSU mascot.

Translated by Eric Shi