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Inaugural Meeting and Ceremony for SYSU Venture Academy Takes Place on the East Campus

Last updated :2009-11-13

On November 11, during the 85th anniversary of SYSU, Inaugural Meeting and Ceremony for the SYSU Venture Academy was held on the East Campus. Huang Daren, President of SYSU, Lu Ruihau, Chancellor of School of Management and former Governor of Guangdong, Sui Yongping, Director of Guangdong Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Bureau, Zhu Kongjun, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of SYSU, Chen Chunsheng, Vice President of SYSU, Dean of School of Management of SYSU, as well as Tan Jingsong, Secretay of School of Management attended the meeting.

Deputy Secretary Zhu Kongjun announced the decision on the establishment of the SYSU Venture Academy. Vice President Chen Chunsheng and Chancellor Lu Ruihua made a speech respectively to express their expectations of the Venture Academy. Dean Li Xinchun, on behalf of the newly established Venture Academy, expressed his acknowledgement to the distinguished guests and hoped that the Venture Academy will promote the development of Entrepreneurial University, and explore a new pattern to form an organic entity among universities, enterprises and governments, to develop teaching practice and to cultivate students’ quality and ability. He also anticipated creating new effective ways to promote knowledge transfer, production-study-research cooperation and business-led employment.

,Mr Jiang Nan, President of Guangdong Shengfeng Cooperation, denoted 200,000 yuan venture funds consequently to the Venture Academy on behalf of SYSU EMBA Federation. President Huang Daren, Chancellor Lu Ruihua, and Deputy Secretary Zhu Kongjun and Vice President Chen Chunsheng unveiled the plaque for the Venture Academy and declared the formal establishment of the Venture Academy.

The Academy, which is affiliated to the School of Management was established on the basis of achievements made on enterprise education to follow the development trend of business college at home and abroad, to seize the opportunity of the development of domestic economy, society and science & research as well as to meet the demand of the country’s developmental strategic planning in a new age. It aims to make out new era enterprise managers and founders who have innovating and enterprising consciousness, entrepreneurship spirit and great goals to set up national enterprises so as to satisfy the need of university students’ growth and development.