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Unveiling Ceremony of University Motto Stone Held on SYSU’s East Campus

Last updated :2009-11-18

As part of the alumni series events organized/ Initiated by the Sun Yat-sen Overseas Alumni Association in celebrating the 85th anniversary of SYSU, the unveiling ceremony of University motto stone donated by overseas alumni was held on SYSU’s east campus on the morning of Nov.13, Vice Party Secretary Li Ping, president of Overseas Alumni Association Shi Jimin, president of Australian Alumni Association Fang Shizhuang, and head of Eastern Campus Administration Yuan Huanbiao attended the event. Xu Dongli, secretary-general of SYSU Alumni Association hosted the ceremony, and over 100 representative presidents of various overseas alumni associations and representative students from the east campus witnessed together the historic moment of the unveiling ceremony.

Mr. Shi Qimin briefed on the initiation of the donation of the University motto stone, selection of the stone, discretion of the design drafts, site selection, decision of scheme of stone construction, and the final completion of the stone. On behalf of the overseas associations and alumni that participated in the donation, Mr. Fang Shizhuang expressed deep blessings to alma mater’s 85th anniversary.

In her acknowledgement, Vice Party Secretary Li Ping expressed sincere gratitude to all the members of the Overseas Alumni Association, all the alumni, academic staff and students that contributed to the donation or the completion of the University motto stone, and extended his gratefulness to the overseas alumni who took long and fatiguing toilsome journey in presenting the University motto stone to SYSU as a gift on the occasion of its 85th anniversary. She remarked that, it was of great significance for the University to place the University motto stone on the east campus that embodies the milestone of the growth of SYSU. The stone will sow on this new land the seeds of the alumni’s fondness with the alma mater, and reminded more SYSU students to adhere to the University motto, swear loyalty to the motherland, and make contributions to the alma mater.

Mrs. Li Ping and the representative presidents of the alumni associations at home and abroad unveiled the University motto stone in the firing of salute. Mr. Yuan Huanbiao said that, the University motto stone would become a feature of the east campus and more ceremonies and activities would take place in front of the stone as so to highlight the inheritance and promotion of SYSU spirit.

Translated by Eric Shi