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2009 Canon’s Green Aid Messenger Research Event Launched in SYSU

Last updated :2009-10-23

A presentation for 2009 Canon Green Aid Messenger Research event was held on SYSU’s east campus on October 21. The event was guided by China Wildlife Conservation Association, sponsored by Canon (China) Inc., and jointly supported by Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve, Capital Youth Eco-culture Research Center, and Capital University Student Environmental Volunteer Association.

Distinguished ecological photographer Wang Fang shared his story of environmental conservation and skills in ecological photography with SYSU students, and called on them to participate in the field research, so as to acquaint themselves with the wild animals and plants which are on the brink of extinction, thereby to awaken people’s ecological sensibilities.

Reportedly, the first batch of universities that join the activity includes Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Forestry University, Fudan University, and Sun Yat-sen University. The event aims to encourage university students to go into the national nature reserves and conduct field research on the ecological environment of the reserves. Through the first-hand visual images, the presentation projects the current conditions of the reserves, explores the sustainable model of reserve conservation and development, and focuses on the harmony between mankind and nature.

Translated by Eric Shi