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2017 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement Begins

Last updated :2017-06-28

Source: Publicity Department
Written by: Wu Yanjun, Xu Fengling, Zeng Huiqi
Photo by: Zhong Haolun, Dong Baihong, Chen Hui, Weng Zisen, Ye Ziqi, Wang Yiping, Peng Yishuai
Proofread by: Ian Heuer
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The 2017 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement began on June 27. More than 14,000 graduates will receive their degrees in K.K. Leung Hall on SYSU’s Guangzhou South Campus during ceremonies taking place across four days.

2017 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement

President Luo Jun shaking hands with a graduate
President Luo Jun delivered a speech before the end of the first ceremony. He said that it is his pleasure to shake hands with over ten thousand graduates every year at the graduation ceremony. President Luo Jun gave three words to the graduates-thinking, doing and self. By “thinking” he means the students should develop their abilities to think independently and logically, and become leading thinkers in their fields. By “doing” he means the students should act swiftly, practically and persistently. By “self” he means the students should have self-confidence, self-discipline and self-reliance. President Luo Jun urged the graduates to keep an optimistic and down-to-earth attitude, forge ahead, and devote their lives into the development of the country.  
Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin presiding over the ceremony
After listening to the President’s speech, Professor Xie Shi, Head of the Department of History, expressed his hope that the graduates will not forget Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s precept, nor forget the President’s expectations, and make greater contributions to the society.

As an outstanding graduate, Kong Deqi from the Department of Chinese said that he will remember the President’s hope and his identity of being a member of the SYSU community. He will strive to become a leading figure in his field “for the welfare of the society and for the glory of the country”.

We shall follow your instruction!
After listening to the graduation precept written by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the University. The graduates responded firmly: "We shall follow your instruction!” 

Professor Huang Tianji holding the scepter 

Professor Huang Tianji from the Department of Chinese said that he cherishes every opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony. "When I was graduating from SYSU, we didn’t have such a ceremony. I think the ceremony will leave an indelible print on the graduates’ lives. Therefore, every time when I put on the teacher’s gown and hold the scepter, I will remember my responsibilities, and this is the responsibilities given to the teachers by the country and the University.”

The first group of graduates from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology 

This year witnesses the first group of 8 graduates from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology. The master’s program graduate Zeng Lili felt very honored and she was confident about the future development of the School.

Saying farewell to the Alma Mater
Mei Hongmin from the School of Chemistry was amazed by the special effect at the beginning of the ceremony. “But the whole ceremony is very solemn. Today is the end of my four years of undergraduate studies, and I will continue to study for my master’s degree at SYSU. Therefore, today is also a new starting point for me.”

The graduates’ family members at the ceremony