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The Opening Ceremony 2017 of Sun Yat-sen University Held

Last updated :2017-08-30

Source: Publicity Department
Written by: Publicity Department
Photo by: Zhong Haolun, Xiao Yao, Cai Shanshan, Lu Yiwei
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On August 29, the Opening Ceremony 2017 of Sun Yat-sen University was held on Zhuhai Campus, Guangzhou East Campus, Guangzhou South Campus and Guangzhou North Campus. More than 14,000 new students attended the opening ceremony.

The attendees included the university leaders Chen Chunsheng, Luo Jun, Sun Dongbai, Li Mengfeng, Guo Yaping, Li Shanmin, Yu Minbin, Yang Qinghua, Wang Xuehua; Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chen Xinzi and Gao Rui, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Fuming; and the leaders of schools, departments and affiliated hospitals.

President Luo Jun delivering a speech

 Vice President Li Mengfeng moderating the opening ceremony
President Luo Jun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that attending university is a new journey for the students; shouldering responsibilities for the nation and society and becoming more excellent is both the direction of endeavor for the students and the mission for the university. He pointed out that SYSU students should be active in study, be persistent in research, cultivate moral characters, shoulder responsibilities, and become eligible builders and reliable successors for the socialist cause.

Continuing student representatives making a speech respectively

New student representatives giving a speech respectively
On behalf of the continuing students, Xia Yanfei, Wu Xiaolong, Aligu and Hao Bo gave a speech respectively, sharing their own experiences of study at SYSU. On behalf of the new students, Yan Yuan, Li Yihan, Hu Xiaoxiao and Zhang Yi gave a speech respectively, expressing their determination to become students who have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager to serve their country.

Executive Vice President Sun Dongbai leading the oath-taking

Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin leading the oath-taking

Medical students taking the oath
Led by Executive Vice President Sun Dongbai, the new students took the solemn oath, expressing that they will remember the university motto, shoulder the mission of the times, advocate science and reason, study diligently, seek truth and innovate. Led by Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin, the new medical students took the solemn oath, expressing that they will volunteer themselves to medicine, abide by the medical ethics, strive diligently for the perfection of technology, and devote themselves to the medical cause. 
New students singing the university anthem
At the end of the ceremony, all teachers and students sang the university anthem together.

After the ceremony, four distinguished professors were invited to give the first lecture at the university to the new students on four campuses.

Professor Yang Song giving the first lecture at the university on Zhuhai Campus
On Zhuhai Campus, Professor Yang Song from School of Atmospheric Sciences gave three pieces of advice to the new students: firstly, learn to be independent; secondly, learn to be tolerant; and thirdly, innovate and change.

Academician Wang Fuming giving the first lecture at the university on Guangzhou East Campus
On Guangzhou East Campus, Academician Wang Fuming from School of Civil Engineering asked the new students to think about "why go to college”, and gave his answer: make a living, cultivate oneself, become successful and serve the country.

Academician Gao Rui giving the first lecture at the university on Guangzhou South Campus
On Guangzhou South Campus, Academician Gao Rui from School of Earth Science and Engineering offered some suggestions to the new students: make good use of both the block of time and fragmented time, pay attention to interdisciplinary study, take part in arts and sports activities, and enhance teamwork spirit.

Professor Guan Yongyuan giving the first lecture at the university on Guangzhou North Campus
On Guangzhou North Campus, Professor Guan Yongyuan from Zhongshan School of Medicine stressed that medical students must have the humanitarian spirit of healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. He encouraged the students to do more reading, communicating, thinking and inquiring.

The Opening Ceremony 2017 of Sun Yat-sen University