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SYSU Holds 2017 Autumn Work Conference

Last updated :2017-09-14

Source: Publicity Department
Written by: Publicity Department
Photo by: Hao Jun
Proofread by: Ian Heuer
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On September 9-10, the 2017 Autumn Work Conference of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) was held in K.K. Leung Hall on Guangzhou South Campus. The theme of the conference was to arrange the work for the “double first-class” (world-class university and world-class discipline) construction. University leaders, heads of schools and departments, faculty representatives and student representatives attended the conference. In addition to the main venue, 13 video conference sites were also arranged on Guangzhou North Campus, Guangzhou East Campus, Zhuhai Campus and affiliated hospitals. President Luo Jun delivered a report and Secretary Chen Chunsheng presented a summary of the conference.

SYSU 2017 Autumn Work Conference held in K.K. Leung Hall
On behalf of the University, President Luo Jun extended Teachers’ Day greetings to all faculty and staff, and delivered a report entitled "Unswervingly Advancing along the Path of World-Class Development with Chinese Characteristics”. He analyzed the current situation and task of the University as well as the action basis for the “double first-class” construction, and put forward SYSU’s action plan to build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

President Luo Jun noted that through concerted efforts by faculty, staff and students, the University has made outstanding progress in various work, laying a good action foundation for the construction of a world-class university. In the past three years, the University has achieved practical effects in inheriting, restructuring and improving the characteristics of being “comprehensive, research-oriented and open”. President Luo Jun noted that the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics is our goal and standard for “double first-class” construction, and also the development path along which we should staunchly advance.

Professor Peng Yuping gave a talk about his understanding of “double first-class” construction. Deputy Secretary Yu Minbing, Director of Office of Development and Planning Liu Jike, Vice President Li Mengfeng, Vice President Wang Xuehua, Director of Human Resources Department Luan Tiangang, Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine and President of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital Song Erwei respectively presented reports on promoting Party building, improving disciplinary construction, deepening reform in talent cultivation, improving research innovation ability, gathering talents, and implementing medical education reform.

The attendees held group discussions on President Luo Jun’s report, the University’s action plan for the “double first-class” construction, strengthening Party leadership, deepening comprehensive reform, constructing world-class disciplines and talent cultivation. The group leaders also presented a report of their discussions at the conference.

Secretary Chen Chunsheng presented a summary of the conference. He noted that the work conference had clear objectives, gathered consensus, and inspired our efforts. President Luo Jun’s report was full of positive energy. Secretary Chen Chunsheng pointed out that the “double first-class” construction emphasizes long term efforts, attaches great importance to strengthening Party leadership, highlights the core status of talent cultivation, and puts more emphasis on adhering to Chinese characteristics and being rooted in China. He called on all to grasp the characteristics of the time, be down-to-earth, and push forward the “double first-class” construction at the University.