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2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement Held

Last updated :2018-07-01

Source: Publicity Department
Written by: Liu Qiongzhi, Yan Yingquan, Li Wanlin, Zhu Yingqian, Wei Jianing, Bi Xiaotong, Wang Yan, Xu Fengling, He Yizhen, Li Wanlin, Chen Xiaoling, Wang Jing, Ke Shuling, Peng Changlan
Photo by: Li Jinfeng, Cai Shanshan, Jin Feng, Hao Jun,  Xiao Yao, Zhong Haolun, Weng Zisen, Peng Yishuai, Xiao Ying, Liang Junming, Wang Xue, Ye Ziqi, Wang Yiping
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The 2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement concluded on June 30. More than 14,000 graduates received their degrees in K.K. Leung Hall on Guangzhou South Campus during ceremonies taking place across four days.

President Luo Jun shaking hands with a graduate


Shoulder our responsibilities
The university anthem tells memorable stories

Professor Xia Shuzhang, father of MPA in China, has taught in SYSU for over 70 years. This is the twelfth time for him to hold the scepter at graduation ceremonies. He thinks the grand ceremony will remind the graduates to keep in mind the university motto and graduation precept written by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and the university anthem will encourage the graduates to strive for self-improvement and forge ahead.

Senior professors holding the scepter at graduation ceremonies
This is also the twelfth time for Professor Mao Yunshi from Business School to hold the scepter at graduation ceremonies. He thinks the university anthem is inspiring, and he hopes all graduates will make efforts and contributions, and bring honor to the alma mater.

For Professor Liu Mingkang, Honorary Dean of Lingnan College, this is his seventh time to hold the scepter at graduation ceremonies. He likes the first sentence of the university anthem because it depicts a poetic picture: “The White Cloud Mountain is high, the Pearl River is long”. He hopes the graduates will keep in mind the old saying “Pride hurts, modesty benefits”.

Vice President Li Shanmin presiding over the ceremony
The university anthem was produced in 1924 when SYSU was founded. Its lyric was written by Zou Lu, the first president of SYSU, and its composer was Chen Hong. Afterwards, the song was revised as a result of collective wisdom. Cheng Huanwen, Professor of the School of Information Management and Chief Librarian of SYSU Libraries, participated in the revision work. He hopes the graduates will continue reading and study, and make progress in their career.

The university anthem sings unlimited gratitude

Undegraduate student Zhong shumin from Business School stood straight up to sing the university anthem. Four years ago she made the choice to study at SYSU. Now it has been proved correct.

Taking a selfie
For undergraduate student Pan Feng from the Department of Physical Education, the university anthem expresses both the students’ love for the university and the university’s care for the students.
Singing the university anthem
Undergraduate student Chen Zijing from Business School is a member of the SYSU East Campus Chorus. She sings the university anthem at every training session, “I benefit a lot from every performance. I’m grateful to SYSU!”
Outstanding undergraduate student Liu Yingyue from the Department of Psychology has won national scholarship and the excellent graduation thesis award from the university. Singing the university anthem, she feels that the past four years is the most colourful chapter in her life.

Getting ready for the important moment 

For Master’s student Zhang Mengxi from the School of Government, the university anthem inspires the graduates to remain true to their original aspiration.

Undergraduate student Tan Zhizhou from the School of Communication and Design says that the university anthem can create a strong sense of belonging: “When I hear the university anthem, I feel like going home.”

The university anthem contains ardent expectations

Professor Zhang Zhian, Dean of the School of Communication and Design, sings a song to bid farewell to the graduates. “Keep studying is an inexhaustible drive for you to overcome difficulties and forge ahead.”

Family members and friends at the graduation ceremony
Undergraduate student Huang Xincheng from Lingnan College invites his mother to attend the graduation ceremony. His mother hopes that he will keep a calm and down-to-earth attitude, and keep striving.

Master’s student Xie Tianhao from Business School also invites his mother to attend the graduation ceremony. She is touched by the university anthem, and she wants to express her gratitude to the university and the professors.

Pronouncing the graduate’s name and degree

Handing over the graduation booklet
Business School PhD candidate Liu Kui’s wife is also an alumna of SYSU. Today, she attends the graduation ceremony as a family member. She says that the university anthem serves as a link in the hearts and minds of SYSUers, and it also inspires SYSUers to strive forward.

Staring at the small screen, focusing on the big stage
Qin Dongjun from the Publicity Department is in charge of the video recording and live broadcast of the graduation ceremonies. He has been doing this since 2005. The official MV of the university anthem is edited by him, so he remembers every picture and every word. In his opinion, the university anthem is an important expression of the university culture. Singing the university anthem together at graduation ceremonies can remind the graduates of their permanent identities as “SYSU students”, and show the alma mater’s ardent expectations for the graduates.

Waving goodbye, embarking on a new journey
Today, the graduates sing the university anthem together; tomorrow, it wil be a shared memory of all SYSUers!

Tastes of Graduation

June 29 is the third of the four-day 2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement. The familiar red bricks and green tiles on campus remind the graduates of the “tastes” of their college years.

2018 SYSU Commencement at K.K. Leung Hall
Sweet memories

Professor Guan Yongyuan from Zhongshan School of Medicine expresses his hope that the graduates will carry forward the SYSU spirit and overcome various difficulties in their lives.

A bright furture

Striving for self-improvement
Undergraduate student Wei Jiaming from Guanghua School of Stomatology will further his study at one of SYSU’s affiliated hospitals. He is a member the “I AM DENTIST” team, which won the “2017 SYSU Top Ten Persons of the Year” award for their efforts in promoting dental science.

Presenting a hada
Suolang Baizhen, a Tibetan student from the School of Nursing presented a hada to President Luo Jun. Before graduation, she wrote a card to her supervisor to express her gratitude. She will go back to work in Tibet and make contributions to the development of her hometown.

Bitter hardship

Life is by no means a plain sailing. Overcoming difficulties and achieving success will bring happiness.

Taking a photo
Chen Zhicong from Macao majors in stomatology at Guanghua School of Stomatology. He was a top student in high school, but at the beginning, his study in university was not a plain sailing. He worked even harder and finally earned his reward.

A flower for you
Ke Yongguan from the School of Physics and Astronomy was the first undergraduate who was enrolled in the PhD program at the school. His paper was rejected at first. However, with the help of his supervisor and the support of his wife, he finally succeeded in getting it published as a back cover paper in Laser & Photonics Reviews.

Care as precious as salt

The guidance of professors and the care of family members are like the precious salt in the student’s life.

Looking up at the “star river” 

Master’s student Xu Qiongcong from The First Affiliated Hospital is very grateful to his supervisor Professor Lai Jiaming, whose clinical ability, moral intergrity and professional dedication set a good example for the student.

Vice President Xiao Haipeng presiding over the ceremony

Senior professors holding the scepter
This is the fourth time for Professor Mo Dang from the School of Physics to hold the scepter at the graduation ceremony. He hopes that the students will carry forward SYSU’s fine traditions, strive for the great success of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

This is the second time for Academician Albert S. C. Chan (Chen Xinzi) from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences to hold the scepter. He hopes the students to remember SYSU’s goal of talent cultivation, work harder and achieve success.

Professor Liang Lijian from The First Affiliated Hospital also extends best wishes to the graduates, and encourages them to become outstanding doctors and researchers.

My son is most handsome today!
Undergraduate student Lin Yufeng from the School of Biomedical Engineering invites his grandparents, parants and brother to come to the graduation ceremony. His father Lin Dianhua is glad to see him grow more mature in the university and wishes him a happy life.

Reluctant to leave

Undergraduate student Zhai Peijun from the School of Nursing is a member of the SYSU Aerobics Team. She said she will miss the Gymnasium on Guangzhou East Campus, and the training room in the Henry Fok Gymnasium on Guangzhou South Campus. “I really want to win one more game with my teammates for the university.”

Professor Hao Yuantao, Dean of the School of Public Health, extends congratulations to the graduates, and he hopes that they will remember the school is their warm home forever.

2018, I love SYSU
Associate Professor Yao Youyi, who designed the SYSU emblem, is also the designer of this year’s flower wall. He combines the elements of the number “2”, SYSU emblem, Canton Tower, and a portrait of Dr. Sun Yat-sen to create the shape of “2018”. In addition, when the graduate stands on the left side, together with the heart shape and the university emblem, they will form a picture of “I love SYSU”.

Take the oath and stay true to the mission.
Keeping the beautiful memories in mind, the graduates will strive forward and realize their dreams.

A firm step forward 

Endure Tests and Pursue Excellence

June 28 is the second of the four-day 2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement held in K.K. Leung Hall. The students listened to the graduation precept written by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. When the host read the last sentence “I encourage all of you to strive for self-improvement”, the students replied “Follow your guidance”.

A grand gathering at the K.K. Leung Hall

Dedication to study

Cherish your youth and forge ahead
Zhu Endong, an udergraduate student from the School of Data and Computer Science, was the first to go onto the stage and shook hands with President Luo Jun. He has gone through many tests during the four years, from zero experience in programming to participating in an interdisciplinary emotional analysis research. He has applied for postgraduate study at Carnegie Mellon University.

Executive Vice President Sun Dongbai presiding over the ceremony

Looking at the students from the School of Data and Computer, Professor Ma Xiao recalled his own college years, saying “Reading and studying is the most wonderful and most important part of life.”

I love SYSU
"My journey of study at SYSU is not without difficulties,” said Zhong Siling, an undergraduate student from the School of Marine Sciences. With the help from her teachers and friends, she finished her exchange study in the United States last year, and published a SCI paper as first author this year. She has learned the connotations of “Study at SYSU and Pursue Excellence”.

When asked how to break through the bottlenecks in research, Academician Zhang Peizhen from the School of Earth Sciences and Engineering smiled and told the student the best way was to “put the problem aside and study other problems”. He thinks academic disciplines are interrelated, and other disciplines can provide ideas to solve the present problem.

Looking back and forging ahead

The graduation ceremony is a moment for the graduate to start a new chapter and face new tests in his or her life.

"The students have to deal with many exams and course papers at SYSU,” said Océane Gewirtz, a teacher from the Sino-French Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Technology. She reminded the graduates: “You will meet many challenges and tests after graduation, and the challenges come at any time.”

Where there is a will, there is way.
Sun Hongwei, a PhD candidate from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, is a father now. Keeping a balance between research and family is the biggest challenge for him. Relying on the research platform of his supervisor’s team, he has achieved initial result in his research on sludge treatment, and will focus on the industrialization of the research achievement.

Be the best of yourself at SYSU
When Professor Huang Xinfei, Acting Dean of the International School of Business & Finance, quoted a joke: “If there weren’t our teachers’ supervision, our theses would have been finished already”, Feng Tengfei gave a smile. His master’s thesis is on the industrial transition in Guangdong province, “My supervisor is quick to find the problem in my econometric method, and offers proper suggestions for revision”. Feng Tengfei will work in the People’s Bank of China, Guangzhou Branch.

Professor Sun Jiuxia gives her advice to the graduates who are about to start a career: “What is important is how to face your work, and how to do a good job.”

Dedication to teaching

Senior professors holding the scepter 

This is the fifth time for Professor Lin Wei from the School of Mathematics to hold the scepter at the graduation ceremony. He offers his advice to the graduates who want to apply for overseas study: “By studying the academic frontier problem, you can take the initiative.”

Cheering for youth
Following Dean Dong Wenjie, the graduates from the School of Atmospheric Sciences shouted out SYSU’s goal of talent cultivation. Their passion touched Professor Yang Song, who held the scepter at the graduation ceremony. He recalled his persistance in studying atmospheric sciences. He often tells his students: “Don’t limit yourself to your own life. Turn your eyes to the whole mankind, and make contributions to the society.”

Putting the finishing touch on the degree gown
This is the sixth time for Wang Shuai from the Office of Student Affairs to participate in the work for graduation ceremonies. The faculty and staff work together to ensure order and efficiency during the ceremony.

Looking back at the campus
SYSU is the home for every graduate. Looking back at the campus filled with unforgetful memories, the graduates will forge ahead and strive to become pillars of the country.

SYSU scepter shines at the graduation ceremony

June 27 is the first of the four-day 2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement, and it is also a turning point for the graduates. They will start a new journey and meet new challenges.

2018 Sun Yat-sen University Commencement

Professor Huang Tianji holding the scepter
As Professor Huang Tianji held the scepter and entered the K.K. Leung Hall on Guangzhou South Campus, the graduates turned their eyes on the scepter, cheering and clapping.

Safeguarding the scepter
The scepter illuminates a bright future for the graduates

At 7:30 on the morning of June 27, the campus guards escorted the scepter to arrive at the K.K. Leung Hall. “We have undertaken the task of escorting the scepter for graduation ceremonies since 2007,” said Yang Zhiqiang from the Office of Campus Security.

Vice President Li Mengfeng presiding over the ceremony
The scepter was presented as a gift to the alma mater by Mr. Luo Gang, who was enrolled in the Department of Chinese of SYSU in 1983. It is 1112 mm high, the number represents the Anniversary Day (November 12). The scepter is inlaid with jade and engraved with banana leaves. The silver lotus flower holds the pearl on the top. On the gold round plate, the university motto written by Dr. Sun Yat-sen glitters and shines: “Study extensively, enquire accurately, reflect carefully, discriminate clearly, practice earnestly”.

"Every year the university invites a senior member of the faculty to hold the scepter for each graduation ceremony. I am proud that I have been selected for several consecutive years,” said Professor Huang Tianji from the Department of Chinese.

Professor Wang Bin holding the scepter
Professor Wang Bin from the School of International Studies remarked: “The scepter is a symbol of ceremony and mission. I always hold it carefully, and I’m aware of the academic responsibility on my shoulder. I hope the scepter will guide the students into a bright future, and I also hope they will often think about our campus after graduation.”

Academician Ji Liangnian holding the scepter
This is the second time for Academician Ji Liangnian from the School of Chemistry to hold the scepter. He expressed the hope that the students will give priority to virtue and carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation. He also hoped that the graduates will continue to work hard and make contributions to the development of our country.

The first group of Master’s graduates from the Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai)
Professor Chen Jianhong, Chair of the Department of Philosophy (Zhuhai), pointed out: “This year we have only four graduates. Howerver, as the first group of Master’s graduates from our department, they are unsurpassable and will be written into history. They have witnessed the development of our department, as well as the rapid development of the newly established schools and departments on Zhuhai Campus.”

Professor Zhou Daming holding the scepter
At last I see the legendary scepter

It is a solemn moment when the scepter enters the venue.

Tomorrow SYSU will be proud of you.
Zhaoyang Xingyu, a Master’s student from the School of International Studies, noted that this was the first time he saw the legendary scepter. He will further his study abroad after graduation.

Su Weidi, an undergraduate student from the Department of History, was excited to see the scepter. After receiving his degree, he made a special gesture in front of the camera, saying “Four years of university life is an unforgettable experience. I want to make my graduation moment unique!”

Congratulations on your graduation!
Chen Li’e, a Master’s student from the School of Life Sciences, is not unfamiliar with the scepter because she served as a volunteer for the graduation ceremony last year. “Tears filled my eyes when I listened to the graduation precept. We should bring honor to the alma mater.”

It’s the second time for Cai Tian, a Master’s student from the School of Sociology and Anthropology, to attend the graduation ceremony. When he shook hands with President Luo Jun, he thought of the university’s goal of training students who have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager to serve their country. He will keep the goal in mind and further his study in the UK.

Studying in the sea of knowledge and cultivating virtues
SYSU is a place with magic

The graduation ceremony is going on, and the scepter is witnessing the historic moment when the student receives the graduation booklet.

He Wenhua, an undergraduate student from Thailand, was excited when he received the graduation booklet. He wanted to thank his teachers at the School of Foreign Languages, especially Zhou Qingqing and Hong Wei, who were very kind to him and taught him a lot.

For Liu Zeruo, an outstanding student from the Boya (Liberal Arts) College, SYSU is a place with magic. He is lucky to study in SYSU for four years. The open and inclusive atmosphere in Boya (Liberal Arts) College enables him to explore more possibilities.

In the flower of your youth
Liu Yukang, an udergraduate student from the School of Chemistry, was glad to see Academician Ji Liangnian holding the scepter. He considered the scepter as a key to the treasure house of knowledge. He joined the top-notch program of the school in the second semester as a freshman, which was like a key to his four years of undergraduate study and research, and provided him with an opportunity to go to the United States as an exchange student. Now he has received the offer to study for his PhD at the University of Southern California.

In the eyes of Xia Bingjie, an udergraduate from the School of Law, the scepter is a solemn symbol of honor. She felt a strong sense of belonging, honor and pride at the graduation ceremony. She will pursue her postgraduate study in International Law.

Both the scepter and the graduation certificate are important for Li Zhonghua, a PhD candidate from the School of Foreign Languages. He obtained his MA in 2004 from SYSU’s School of Foreign Languages and became a teacher at Dongguan University of Technology. He decided to study for his PhD in 2011. This was a great challenge for him as he also assumed an administrative role. At last he graduated!. “Today I see the solemn and splendid scepter for the first time, and I’m very excited. I’ll go back to my teaching position after graduation. The scepter will inspire me to pursue a higher level of teaching and research.”

We shall follow your instruction!
The host announced that the ceremony concluded. The senior professor held the scepter and started to leave the stage, followed by the officiating professors. The graduates stood up, bidding farewell to the scepter.

Expectations of family members and friends
The graduates will embark on a new journey. Wherever they go, they will stive to meet the expectations of the university, and make contributions to the society and the country.

Thank you for accompanying me in the university years.