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Working Together to Fight against Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Last updated :2018-09-18

Source: Publicity Department, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Campus Security, Office of Education Administration, Office of Construction, Office of University Logistics, Departments and Schools, Affiliated Hospitals
Written by: Publicity Department
Proofread by: Ian Heuer
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

At 5:00 pm on September 16, super typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in Guangdong Province with a maximum wind speed of 45 meters per second. In the following hours and days, the storm caused damage, to varying degrees, across the campuses of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU).

University leadership acted with great urgency, directing arrangements and preparations in advance of the storm’s landfall. All departments and units worked with concerted efforts to cope with the typhoon. Currently, study and life on all campuses have gradually returned normal.

Making preparations for typhoon Mangkhut

Removing loose objects that are susceptible to high winds from a balcony on Guangzhou South Campus.

Clearing a drainage route on Guangzhou South Campus.

Reinforcing construction boards on Guangzhou North Campus.

Haizhu District Party Secretary Ma Zhengyong and SYSU Deputy Party Secretary Yu Minbin discussing precautions being taken against the typhoon.

Staff at The Eighth Affiliated Hospital installing sand bags ahead of the typhoon.

A screenshot of WeChat group discussions among doctors and nurses on duty at The Third Affiliated Hospital.

Emergency rescuers from The Sixth Affiliated Hospital on standby.

Reinforcing a glass door at Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center.
On duty during typhoon Mangkhut

Security guards inspecting the campus.

Dredging flooded water on campus.

Staff at The Fifth Affiliated Hospital transporting sand bags in the rain in Zhuhai.

Staff making emergency repairs to a broken door in the Library on Zhuhai Campus.

All canteens remained open during the typhoon.

Relocating students from Apartment Building No. 627 on Guangzhou South Campus.

Nurses at The Fifth Affiliated Hospital clearing rainwater from the windows.

An ambulance of The Eighth Affiliated Hospital broke down on a flooded street in Shenzhen. The injured person was treated by emergency rescuers and later transferred to the hospital by a fire engine.

A pregnant pharmacist, Huang Minhua, at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital on duty during the typhoon.

Eight babies were born in The Third Affiliated Hospital amidst the typhoon.
Recovering after typhoon Mangkhut

Party Secretary Chen Chunsheng inspecting Zhuhai Campus.

President Luo Jun inspecting Guangzhou South Campus.

Students returned to a classroom for self-study on September 17.

Staff sweeping away flooded water in a corridor.

Teachers and students sweeping out flooded water from a laboratory in the Geography and Environment Building.

Restoring boards on a construction site.

Clearing fallen tree branches in the road.

Students studying in the Teaching Building.
We sincerely thank all members of the SYSU community who were on duty during the typhoon!