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Li Silian Visits SYSU

Last updated :2009-06-26

Guangzhou, June 26, 2009 (Guangzhou Daily)

Lately, Chairman of Guangzhou R&F Properties Co.Ltd Li Silian was invited to give a talk on “Math and Life” with SYSU students. Li Silian shared his extraordinary life experience with the audience, as a successful veteran, his experience and suggestion aroused resonance among the students.

"Benefit the society with a benevolent heart, making R&F a respected real estate corporation.” This is the concept of Li, in fact he has done it. According to the Stat, R&F has made more than 150 Million RMB of contribution to the charity industry, Hope Project, social welfare, charity program and disaster relief and other fields. The alms deed of Li was appraised by the society, June 18, 2009, he was chosen as Honorary President of Guangdong Charity Federation.