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SYSU Claims the Best Team Award in the Eighth Cross Straits Knowledge Competition

Last updated :2009-11-02

During October 26 to 31, the Eighth Cross Straits Knowledge Competition jointly held by CCTV and CtiTV ended in Taipei. The dragon team consisted of SYSU’s students Wu Chong from Department of Chinese, Chen Jie from Guanghua School of Stomatology, and Zhang Shaowei from School of Environment Science and Engineering, as well as teams from Nanjing University, Taipei Jinan University, and Taiwan University. The team members cooperated with each other, fought shoulder to shoulder tenaciously, won the champion on the part of the exterior scene for the contest and the best team award. The lion team made up of Peking University, Xiamen University, Taiwan National Sun Yat-Sen University and National Chengchi University won the champion of the competition.

Having been held successfully for eight sessions, the Cross Straits Knowledge Competition had taken place in Taipei, Beijing and Xiamen in previous sessions. The competition received warm responses from the universities of mainland and Taiwan. Compared with last year, even though this year’ competition still invited forty-eight students from sixteen universities on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, a great change had taken place on the system of the contest. All the players were divided into the dragon team, the lion team, the tiger team and the leopard team, and they had to participate in both parts of the competition- the exterior scene of Flower East Coast and the tent of Taipei. It also included parts on talent displaying and games. The competition format was more fun and versatile than before, and thus posing greater challenges on the participants.

During the competition, the students of SYSU and the other students of both sides of the Taiwan straits cooperated with each other, and competed with each other. After the competition, they communicated with each other, learned more about each other. In the competition the students gained not only the knowledge but also a longstanding friendship.

Translated by Zhang Weiwei