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Famous Cultural Celebrities Address Charity in the First Tencent University Forum

Last updated :2009-06-24

On 22 June, with the theme of “How Far are we from charity”, the First Tencent University Forum on Charity, jointly hosted by Tencent Charity Foundation and SYSU Youth Association, was held at the east campus. Wang Guozhen, famous poet; Zhan Ze, film dubbing actor; and best-selling writer An Ruyi addressed topics of charity and life experience in the forum to nearly 400 students from ten universities in the Guangzhou University Town. Chen Dong, deputy secretary of Guangdong CYL; Lin Qiaolin, head of Guangdong Hope Project Office and board member of Guangdong Youth Development Foundation; Guo Kaitian, deputy director of Tencent; Fang Jin, director of higher education section of Tencent Charity Foundation; Li Jianchao, member of SYSU Standing Committee of the CPC and head of Organization Department of the SYSU Committee of the CPC; Yuan Huanbiao, head of Party & Administration Joint Office, East Campus; and Huang Shan, secretary of SYSU Youth Association attended the event.

"I never bother thinking if I would succeed, since I’ve determined my path. I’ll just keep moving forward no matter what.” In the forum, with his enthusiastic and passionate mindset, Mr. Wang Guozhen encouraged the students to strive for excellence and devote themselves to the course of charity so as to create a meaningful life. Ms. An Yiru, who suffered from congenital cerebral palsy and immobility, insisted on standing on the rostrum to deliver her speech. Although as part of the underprivileged, she is unfazed by the hardships, she said. Mr. Zhan talked about his engagement in charity to support the development of education. The speeches of the three guests led to intermittent bursts of applause from the audience.

It is reported that Tencent University Forum on Charity, initiated in January 2009, is the first public series forum targeting university students in China, which is organized by enterprises. The forum will invite well-known celebrities from different fields to lecture at universities and carry out dialogue with students to instill the spirit of charity in them, in order to promote the charity culture and integrate the practices of it into our daily life.