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Professor Cheng Huanwen Elected as 2nd Term IFLA Governing Board Member

Last updated :2019-05-28

Source: Division of University Libraries, Archives & Museums
Written by: He Yun
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On May 17, 2019, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) released the announcement of results of the election of IFLA Governing Board 2019-2021. Professor Cheng Huanwen, Dean of Division of University Libraries, Archives & Museums, won the re-election, after his first term (2017-2019).

The election of IFLA Governing Board 2019-2021 was the most competitive in recent decades, with 22 candidates from 21 countries running for 10 seats. Professor Cheng Huanwen, recommended by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Library Society of China and Sun Yat-sen University, was re-elected as one of the ten. His successful re-election will further strengthen the international cooperation and influence of Chinese librarianship.

Professor Cheng Huanwen has been dedicating himself to the teaching and research of library science and library management for over 30 years. As a member of Information Academic Degrees & Postgraduate Education Committee of the State Council Degree Committee, Academic Library & Information Committee, Ministry of Education, and Guangdong Academic Library & Information Committee, Vice President of LSC and Honorary President of Library Society of Guangdong, he enjoys a wide academic and professional influence at home and abroad. During the 2nd term, Professor Cheng Huanwen will continue to commit himself to improving communication and cooperation between Chinese libraries and foreign libraries, publicizing Chinese libraries in the international library community and advancing Chinese and worldwide librarianship.

IFLA was founded on September 30, 1927, by library associations from 14 countries. With 1,350 Members in over 140 countries and regions until now, it is the most representative international library organization. The Governing Board is the highest administrative organization in IFLA, consisting of the President, the President-elect, ten members elected by the membership at large, the Chair of the Professional Committee, the Chairs of each IFLA Division, and the Chair of the Management of Library Associations Section's Standing Committee. There have been 5 Chinese librarians elected as Governing Board Member so far.