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The 13th SYSU Clinical Research Salon Held Successfully

Last updated :2016-09-06

Source: SYSU-JHU Collaboration Program
Written by: Chen Jingxue
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On August 31, 2016, the 13th SYSU Clinical Research Salon was held in the Reception Room on North Campus of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). Hosted by Prof. Liu Qing from the School of Public Health and Prof. Yang Dongjie from The First Affiliated Hospital of SYSU, the salon attracted around 100 doctors, teachers as well as medical students from the university and its affiliated hospitals.

Drawing experiences from the Johns Hopkins University’s Journal Club, the salon discussed a particular clinical research from multi-perspectives across different disciplines. Based on a successful comprehensive treatment of gastric cancer in the First Affiliated Hospital of SYSU, a related clinical research published on the Lancet Oncology was chosen for discussion. The research article was provided to participants for in-depth reading one week before the salon discussion. At the salon, several visiting scholars of the SYSU-JHU Collaboration Program were invited to share their thoughts on the research in various aspects such as research ethics, statistics, data management, internal medicine and surgery, etc. Moreover, the salon also invited Prof. Ling Li from the School of Public Health and Dr. Peng Jianjun, the patient’s doctor, from the First Affiliated Hospital to share their views upon the research.

Heated Discussion
Compared with previous salons, the 13th Salon achieved a better balance between guests’ presentations and free discussion. Participants were encouraged to raise their questions or to express their opinions after every SYSU-JHU visiting scholar’s analysis about the research.

SYSU Clinical Research Salon is an academic activity initiated by the visiting fellows of the SYSU-JHU Collaboration Program. They hope that the salon can bring the advanced study method and positive research atmosphere to SYSU and serve as a bridge to connect all the faculty members who are interested in clinical research. The academic salon is scheduled to take place on a specific week’s Wednesday of every month. Online videos of the salons are also available on the website: http://lecture.sysu.edu.cn/. For latest salon announcement, you may visit the webpage on SYSU North Campus website: http://med.sysu.edu.cn/ztbd/sysuhz/index.htm.