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Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center’s Outpatient Department Takes on a New Look

Last updated :2009-10-13

Translated by Zhang Weiwei

During the recession of the National Day and the Mid-autumn Day, the outpatient department of the Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center had undergone a remodeling by putting on a new look for patients coming back from the holiday. On October10, Zhen Detao, the Secretary of the Party Committee of SYU, paid a visit to the hospital and showed his appreciation for the outpatient department’s efforts in launching a One-Stop Service Center and optimizing the medical ambiance.

A One-Stop Service Center had been set up in the hall of the first floor to allow patients to tackle multiple tasks in a single counter including registering, making an appointment, opening an account, making appointments for the examinations, printing results, receiving admission card and so on. The One-Stop Service efficiently saves patients’ time waiting in line. .

The hospital also attempted to optimize the medical amenity of the hospital through varies of means: an automated piano was arranged in the hall of the first floor, which serves to alleviate patients’ anxiety. The “beaming Wall” with photos of paramedics’ grins, transmits senses of warmness and friendliness. The functional zones of the outpatient departments from the first to fifth floor were redesigned; the directory and the bulletin boards were also updated to provide a friendlier and better guidance. The routine of the minor operating room was also restructured; the minor surgeries will start accommodating patients on a daily basis as opposed to three days a week in the past.

In addition, as is stipulated by the Ministry of Public Health, Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center will render free real-name reservation service after the National Day recession by allowing patients to make appointments by telephone free of charge thus reducing their time in waiting as they are reasonably separated by the period of time. The real-name reservation will also avoid the incidents of mendacious registrations. The hospital is also anticipated to implement free online reservation later on.