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Experts from the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital carried out Large Scale Free Medical Consultations at Its Zengcheng Branch

Last updated :2009-10-16

On October14, led by Shen Huiyong, Director of Sun Yat-sen Manorial Hospital, vice President Huang Jian and Lin Zhongqiu, a medical team consisted of 28 specialists from the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, 11 permanent experts from the Zengcheng branch as well as 8 leaders from the executive functional departments, headed for the Zengcheng hospital branch to carry out free diagnosis and treatment services. The medical consultation site was a mob scene with thousands of people waiting in a long line for diagnosis and treatment. As soon as they arrived, the hospital experts instantly put on white uniforms and plunged into work, examining and inquiring, reading x-ray films, presenting diagnostic advices and supplying feasible treatment protocols. Over 600 patients were treated in just two hours. In addition to medical consultations, some of the experts also offered consultations and performed operations in the in-patient area. The specialist director not only visited new hospital buildings in Zengcheng branch but also communicated with the specialists there, bringing up constructive suggestions to departmental development.

Meanwhile, to further expand technical guidance channels, and at the request of the Zengcheng Branch, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital had made a thorough investigation on technical resources of each specialist department in the headquarter and made multi-coordinated efforts to overcome the problem in manpower shortage, transferring 11 experts from 11 special departments respectively to serve full time in the Zengcheng branch ranging from 3 months to 2 years.

According to the source, since the handover of Zengcheng People’s Hospital to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital in October 2008, the latter had clarified the basic principles of ‘extending the parts, operating independently and specialists acting as academic leaders’ and offered technical guidance for Zengcheng Hospital through regular guidance and provisional consultations. After one year of’ running, the Zengcheng hospital branch has evidenced a significant increase in medical technical level, rates of out-patient visits and in- patient cares, revenues, and employee benefits.