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The 15th SYSU Clinical Research Salon Held

Last updated :2016-10-28

Source: SYSU-JHU Collaboration Program
Written by: Chen Jingxue, Xu Li
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

The 15th SYSU Clinical Research Salon was held in the Reception Room on Guangzhou North Campus of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) on October 19, 2016. Hosted by Ms. Zhou Xuyu, the director of SYSU’s Medical Library, the salon invited Dr. Zhang Bo, Associate Professor from the School of Public Health. It attracted around 60 doctors, teachers as well as medical students from the university and its affiliated hospitals.

Dr. Zhang Bo obtained his bachelor, master and doctoral degree all from SYSU. After graduation, he started his academic career at SYSU in 2008. His current research interests are the carcinogenic mechanisms and inducements in occupations, environment and behaviors. He has led a number of research projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation, the Doctoral Program Foundation of Ministry of Education and the Chain Postdoctoral Science Foundation. Funded by the "Xiang Jiang Scholars" program, Dr. Zhang worked as the postdoctoral research fellow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong from 2013 to 2015. During the Salon, Dr. Zhang explained the importance of the usage of questionnaires in the observational study and the problems that should be aware of when designing questionnaires. Through a vivid analogy, he presented the difference between observational studies and randomized controlled trial (RCT) researches. Moreover, he also recommended some useful books and websites about questionnaires. In the discussion session, the participants held heated discussion on topics such as the research ranges, time span, homogeneous analysis and the representativeness of respondents.

Dr. Zhang Bo sharing his experience

A scene of the Salon
The SYSU Clinical Research Salon is an academic activity initiated by the visiting fellows of the SYSU-JHU Collaboration Program. They hope that the salon can bring the advanced study method and positive research atmosphere to SYSU and serve as a bridge to connect all the faculty members who are interested in clinical research. The academic salon is scheduled to take place on a specific week’s Wednesday of every month. Online videos of the salons are also available on the website: http://lecture.sysu.edu.cn/. For latest salon announcement, you may visit the webpage on SYSU North Campus website: http://med.sysu.edu.cn/ztbd/sysuhz/index.htm.