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[CGTN] Veterans reunite for the first time in decades at ICU

Last updated :2017-04-26

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d6b444e79597a4d/share_p.html
By Li Jing

The dramatic reunion of two veterans who fought in China's war of resistance against Japanese aggression at a hospital in China's southern city of Shenzhen, has touched the hearts of many.

According to an article from Shenzhendajianshi, a public account on one of China’s largest social media platforms, WeChat, Zhuang Shuifa and Lin Shuishou, aged 88 and 90 respectively, both suffer from lung infections and are receiving treatment at the ICU at the Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University.

Zhuang was sent to hospital on April 15, but medical staff didn’t know about his honorary past until asking about the condition of his eyes five days later.

Born in January 1930, Zhuang joined the East River Column in 1944, a guerrilla force fighting against the Japanese invasion and made great contributions to China's victory in south China’s Guangdong Province and in Hong Kong in the 1940s. His left eye was shot and wounded in 1945, resulting in a loss of sight.

When chatting with Zhuang, medical staff mentioned in passing that another man of similar age who lives in a village not far from where Zhuang’s family is, was also receiving treatment at the hospital.

After it was confirmed that the two veterans had fought side by side, the two beds were wheeled together under the arrangement of doctors and nurses.

"Shuizai, you are still alive! Hang on, Shuizai, let’s leave the hospital together!” Zhuang encouraged his old comrade.

Medical staff Ling Li said Lin’s mental condition was not good after years of suffering from diseases, but the unexpected get-together after more than two decades, lit up his mood immediately.

"Their eyes shined when seeing each other, with hands tightly held together. They were too thrilled to believe that they saw each other,” said Ling.

After the story circulated online, hospital personnel were moved and visited the two veterans to show their respect and wish them good health. At the same time, people online were quick to say that peace is hard earned and that it should be cherished by all.