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Newsletter on The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (Issue 14)

Last updated :2020-06-09

Source: The First Affiliated Hospital
Written by: Tang Yiyu
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

FAH-SYSU Experts Honored in Serbia

On June 1, Serbia awarded another three members of Anti-epidemic Expert Team from China to Serbia with the Serbian army's most prestigious military honor for their assistance in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. They are Prof. Cheng Shouzhen, Prof. Liu Dayue and Prof. Tang Kejing from The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (FAH-SYSU).

FAH-SYSU experts honored in Serbia
The military memorial medals were awarded by Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin to the three FAH-SYSU experts, who arrived on May 4 to replace their colleagues.

Vulin thanked the experts for their help. “Serbian government and people will never forget the Sino-Serbian friendship during this challenging time,” he said.

The three experts have rich experience in anti-epidemic work. Prof. Cheng Shouzhen, Head of the Department of Nursing, is an expert in pulmonary and critical care medicine as well as lung rehabilitation. After fighting with more than 130 FAH-SYSU colleagues in Wuhan for more than 60 days, she volunteered to support Serbia.

Prof. Cheng Shouzhen receiving the medal
Prof. Liu Dayue, Deputy Director of the Department of Medical Affairs, is an infection control expert. He was one of the first experts from Guangdong Province to assist Wuhan on New Year's Eve.

Prof. Liu Dayue receiving the medal
Prof. Tang Kejing is the Deputy Director of the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. She has been working on patient consultation and screening, and training on epidemic prevention and control since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Prof. Tang Kejing receiving the medal

FAH-SYSU Experts Escorted 215 Chinese Students to Safety

Two experts from The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University successfully completed the mission on the charter flight arranged by the State Council and National Health Commission, bringing 215 Chinese students back to China safely from Chicago. The experts are Associate Professor Zhuang Xiaodong from the Department of Cardiology and Supervising Nurse Liu Qiangqiang from the Department of Emergency.

Both Dr. Zhuang and Mr. Liu have rich experience in the anti-epidemic work. Dr. Zhuang participated in the anti-epidemic work in the fever clinic and Emergency Department of FAH-SYSU. As a nurse of the third medical aid team from the Hospital to Wuhan, Mr. Liu applied novel nursing technology to overcome difficulties in the frontline.

Associate Professor Zhuang Xiaodong (left) and Supervising Nurse Liu Qiangqiang (right)
Dr. Zhuang and Mr. Liu prepared all kinds of intravenous first aid drugs and protective materials. Before takeoff on May 30, they explained the key points of self-protection and trained the crews to react correctly under special situations, including temperature check, hand sanitization, quarantine and disinfection, etc. During the trip, they checked health status every 4 hours and provided protection guidance along with psychological comfort to all passengers.

After a long flight of nearly 15 hours, the plane successfully landed in Guangzhou on June 1 with 215 students and the crew safely returned home.