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SYSU Welcomes New Students of 2019

Last updated :2019-09-02

Source: Student Affairs Department, Office of Education Administration, Office of University Logistics, Campus Security Department, Office of Informatization Management, Network & Information Technology Center
Written by: Publicity Department
Photo by: Hao Jun, Li Jinfeng, Yu Yinxuan, Wang Xue, Cai Huamei, Luo Zhihao, He Yan
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

On August 31, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU) welcomed over 17,700 new students of 2019, including 8,303 undergraduates and 9,421 postgraduates. President Luo Jun, Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin, Deputy Secretary and Vice President Ma Jun respectively went to the general information sites, dormitories, teaching buildings on SYSU campuses to learn about the registration work and pay a visit to the new students.

President Luo Jun presenting the enrollment gift bag to the new student

Deputy Secretary Yu Minbin visiting the dormitory for freshmen

Deputy Secretary and Vice President Ma Jun visiting the dormitory for freshmen 
New students enrollment education helps to fasten well “the first button” in university life

The University implements the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, upholds the talent cultivation goal of “nurturing students who have both ability and moral integrity, able to cultivate charisma and eager to serve the country”, and carries forward the spirit of “studying at SYSU and pursuing excellence”. During the summer vacation, the new students have studied SYSU’s rules and regulations online through the welcoming new students system, which helped the students to lay a solid foundation and fasten well "the first button” in their university life. The online study test covers knowledge about the CPC and the CYL, SYSU culture, student education management rules, student enrollment status management rules, medical insurance, prevention of AIDS, cybersecurity, laboratory safety, etc.

Optimizing curriculum system to improve quality of education

In order to improve undergraduate education, implement the talent cultivation goal and promote the “five integrations”, the Office of Education Administration has revised the 2019 undergraduate programs. The schools and departments have formulated programs for students majoring in specialties within a large category. In the optimized curriculum system, the specialty basic courses have more solid foundation, the specialty core courses have more distinct characteristics, the specialty improvement courses are more integrated and interdisciplinary, and the undergraduate and postgraduate course systems are more effectively connected. 

No student will drop out of school due to family economic difficulties

Since 2016 the University has implemented the “assistance doubling plan”, providing sufficient financial aid to the students, ensuring that no student will drop out of school due to family economic difficulties. The new students can learn about the assistance policies through reading the materials they received together with the admission notice, and through the official WeChat public account of the Office of Student Affairs.

In accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, SYSU has streamlined the student assistance application procedures. The applicants no longer need to submit a certificate of family economic difficulties, they can present a written personal commitment instead.

Building beautiful campuses, serving students, faculty and staff

During the summer holiday, the Office of University Logistics has maintained the roads and trimmed the hedges on campus, and supervised the property management companies to repair road lights, clean exterior walls, trim the branches, clean the roads and kill pests to keep a beautiful campus environment. In the meantime, it has renovated the walls in the student dormitories and teaching buildings, and has checked, repaired and cleaned the facilities and equipment on the campuses.
Road maintenance on Guangzhou South Campus (upper left), trimming the hedge on Guangzhou North Campus (upper right), gate construction on Guangzhou East Campus (lower left), cleaning the exterior wall of the teaching building on Zhuhai Campus (lower right)
Before the new semester, the Office of University Logistics inspected the canteens on SYSU campuses, which have returned to normal service hours after the summer holiday. In the new semester, SYSU has introduced a renowned transportation company to offer shuttle bus services among Guangzhou campuses since August 21. 

Taking measures to ensure campus security

In order to improve the intelligent technical guard system, the Office of Campus Security has installed the vehicle speed testing system, and increased the video surveillance around the construction sites, covering more areas to ensure safety on campus. Meanwhile, the Office of Campus Security has interconnected the information resources interaction platform with the Office of Informatization Management and the Network & Information Technology Center, making the face recognition data of the new students transfer simultaneously to the campus pedestrian access control system, thus enabling the new students to enter the campus through face recognition.

The Office of Campus Security testing the campus pedestrian access control system