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SYSU Held 2020 “Cloud Graduation Ceremony”

Last updated :2020-07-07

Source: Publicity Department
Edited by: Wang Dongmei

News Center (Reported by Wu Lijian) At 10 am on the morning of July 3rd, Sun Yat-sen University held the 2020 “Cloud Graduation Ceremony”, sending sincere blessings to the graduates.

We wish all students have splendid prospects!
This special “Cloud Graduation Ceremony” was broadcast live on media platforms including People’s Daily App, Xinhuanet, Nanfangplus, and SYSU Integrated Media. The simple and solemn ceremony left an unforgettable memory for the students who have obtained their degrees at SYSU.

Through reviewing the students’ precious experience during their university life and the historical moments of SYSU’s leap-forward development, the ceremony showcased the graduates’ growth with the alma mater.

President Luo Jun delivered the graduation speech at the ceremony. He hoped the graduates would let their youth bloom in the places where our motherland and people need them most. He expressed expectations for the graduates to be patriotic and confident, shoulder responsibility, and pursue excellence.

With dream in the heart, the future is expectable! We wish all graduates have splendid prospects!

The White Cloud Mountain is high, and the Pearl River is long. The alma mater will always welcome you to come back!