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[chinadaily.com.cn] A greener future for the GBA through technology

Last updated :2022-01-14

Source: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202201/13/WS61dff237a310cdd39bc80e44.html
By Li Hongyang

Speakers expressed their confidence in a greener future for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which they said has huge advantages and potential.

The remarks were made at a seminar on Low-Carbon Sustainable Development, which was held virtually on the sidelines of the GBA Development Forum (Guangzhou) & Vision China on Wednesday.

Fu Zhengping, associate dean of the Institute of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Development Studies at the Sun Yat-sen University, said the bay area's advantage lies in its advanced technology, which can help with green development.

"For example, energy storage technology can boost new energy development and reduce carbon emissions. Also, many leading digital technology companies in the area can help with the green transition," he said.

Liu Jichen, the founder and CEO of Clear Plate, an app that rewards people for reducing food waste, said that he felt Shenzhen was a popular city, attracting talented individuals.

"I feel that especially when I see so many young people in the subway. These talented young people will build a vibrant environment of economy, culture, science and technology and art in the area," he said.

Zhong Yan, chief representative of the Guangzhou Office of The Fok Ying Tung Foundation, said that as the builders and operators of urban communities, businesses should take responsibility for improving energy conservation.

"Cities are a main focus of energy conservation and reducing emissions. Green and low-carbon standards need to be set higher when it comes to urban planning and design," he said.

Liang Mingyi, director of the Urban Ecological and Environmental Research Center at the South China Institute of Environmental Science, pointed out the challenges facing the area.

"The rising population places pressure on economic development, which in turn demands more in terms of environmental protection. We need to handle the relationship between industrial development and protection, properly," he said.

Launched in 2018 by China Daily, Vision China invites speakers from the political, business and academic worlds to tell China's story from the global perspective and discuss major China-related topics of international interest.